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At Chasing Bubbles Advisory, we understand that every business is unique, and therefore requires a unique approach to problem-solving.


We take the time to understand our clients’ needs, the team strengths and weaknesses and then work with them to develop customized solutions for their business.


We are experts.  We help you avoid potholes while increasing efficiency and effectiveness. Our team of dedicated experts have years of experience in starting, ramping and selling businesses while overcome their challenges and achieve their goals!


From initial consultation to implementation, we are dedicated to helping our clients succeed in today’s ever-changing business environment leading to a more balanced and fulfilling life.



DA Dahl, Master Coach

Duane Dahl

Master Coach

An accomplished C-Suite executive, (for-profit & nonprofit) leader, mentor and coach, Dahl was a founder and CEO at four (exited) startups including a $150M sale to Barry Diller’s IAC.

Driven to help more entrepreneurs - Dahl is a passionate executive and mentor, recognized as a thought leader and coach with a history of contributing to globally recognized innovative partnerships and projects on the cusp of technology and creativity.


Dahl has practiced immersive advisory management - working side by side with entrepreneurs', current management and sales executives to fill responsibility and operational gaps in organizational structures including CEO, COO and CMO / CRO. 

Dahl is an author and film producer having just completed an award-winning documentary now streaming on YouTube "Beyond Water". 

Ella Amery, Client Services


VP, Client Experience

Emma is responsible for overseeing our portfolio of entrepreneur partnerships nationwide. This includes fostering strong relationships with key stakeholders, coordinating service delivery across internal partners and functions, and delivering outstanding operational results.  Emma provides overarching project management for unique and complex technology-enabled services, including acting as a central point of communication for partners.

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William Roland, SVP Extraordinaire

William Roland

Senior Vice President

Multifaceted media executive with a stellar career conceptualizing and commanding award-winning content across diverse communication platforms. Decisive leader with an ability to multitask and adapt to shifting conditions in highly competitive, deadline-sensitive environments. Passionate and entrepreneurial content strategist who translates brand vision into tactical implementation in digital and broadcast channels. Savvy relationship-builder recognized for balancing multiple parties including network executives, high-profile strategic partners, production staff, advertisers, and investors.

Beyond Water Documentary

Beyond Water

2023 Documentary

Beyond Water, a documentary by Executive Producer: DA Dahl is about the global water crisis and volunteerism. Beauty can come from the hardest times. The earthquake in Nepal, and the water crises in the Amazon and Dominican Republic – these are just the beginning. As devastating as these events are, hardships bring together people from all around the world, empowering themselves and each other through the power of clean water. Through laughter, sweat and tears, you will be encouraged by these stories of beauty, hope, and strength, as people are empowered, thrive, and form deep relationships to forever improve their lives, beyond water. Run time: 40 minutes,

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